British Institute of Interior Design: Professional Pathway

urlI am pleased to share with you the news that I have joined the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) as an Associate. This is the UK’s most influential and respected interior design industry organisation. As part of the Associate membership, I also have made the decision to join the BIID’s Professional Pathway. This is a recently developed professional standard for the interior design industry to validate professional competence and acquired experience of interior designers.

As interior designers have no legal requirement to be qualified in any way, the Professional Pathway requires entrants to have relevant industry qualifications or experience in the industry. The Professional Pathway then continues to assess its Associate members’ skills, experience and professionalism within the industry for up to six years.

The benefit to clients of using interior designers involved in the Professional Pathway is the assurance that their designer has the right skills, experience and professionalism for the project. Designers who belong to the BIID can validate their professional competence through this scheme and help raise the standards of British interior design.

More information about the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and its Professional Pathway programme may be found at: