Space Planning, Living Room Re-Design & A Fresh Spring Colour Palette

This week I’ve been working on a space planning project to help a family make the most of their downstairs space. Currently two out of the four downstairs rooms are dead spaces, being used to store items waiting to be sorted (something I’m sure  a lot of people will say sounds familiar!). Together, we are evaluating how they spend their time as a family, looking at what storage they are currently lacking, and what elements they feel could enhance their space as the family grows up.

This is part one of a two stage process, once we have a clear plan how to create the best use of space, we can have fun pulling the design together to create a space that reflects their style and personalities.

I’ve also been working a project for a client to redesign her living room. Being a typical Victorian house, the living room is made up of two smaller rooms which have been opened up into one, which results in a rather long room. I’m also coming up with some space planning ideas for her to make best use of the space and avoid the feeling of the second part of the room becoming a large corridor. At the same time, we are also designing a whole new look for the room. The pallete is going to be a range of grey tones, to contrast against the lovely white wood work and period features. We’ll be adding colour in the accessories within the room to help create a streamlined feel and also allow flexibility for easy changes in the future.

Whilst browsing around for inspiration this week I came across this lovely mood board put together by Designers Guild. The fresh, zingy colours are so bright and cheery – just what we need to remind us that Spring is around the corner!

Lastly, the latest addition of Homes & Gardens arrived this week, and I managed to find 20 minutes to put my feet up with a cup of tea and enjoy catching up on all the lasted interiors news. One of my favourite things to do when I have one of these rather rare free moments!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and manage to find a few minutes for yourself as well!