Designing Around Artwork, Styling Props & A Calm Bedroom Scheme

This week I’ve been working on some designs for a new client in Berkhamsted who had recently had their kitchen replaced, but felt underwhelmed by the end result, feeling it was quite plain. They wanted to know how they could make the space somewhere they would be proud of and would enjoy spending time in.

As the kitchen was so neutral, and there was lots of possibilites of where we could take the design. They gave me some images of artwork that they liked and had considered using in the space, so I used these as starting points for four different designs.

Artwork can add so much character and personality to a space, so I quite often find inspiration for a room’s design here. Below you can see an example of this – here are some fabrics I pulled together that I felt worked with the artwork. The colours are tonal, the textures feel inspired by those found in the prints. To me, good design shouldn’t be about making elements match, but compliment each other.

After the photoshoot we did last week, I wanted to add a few items to my styling toolbox (any excuse!) I’d been eyeing up some decorative coral for some time, and so when I discovered Kelly Hoppen Home had a good selection, I was thrilled and placed my order. Keep you eye out for it in my next shoot – it’s a stunning piece.

I’ve started work on another new Berkhamsted project this week – a large house renovation. The building work hasn’t yet begun as the drawings are being finalised, and in an ideal world this is the best time to get started on the interior design work. By deciding the layout in advance, you can ensure you have made the right provisions to accommodate the design, ie sockets and lighting in the right places, saving you time and money further into the project.

While we are focusing on the space planning element to begin with, I’ve begun working on the colour palette for the master bedroom and dressing room – some lovely calm greys and soft purples, which will look stunning against some of the dark wood furniture we are planning on installing.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend and hope you enjoy some of the sunshine we’ve been promised.