Fabric Sourcing & Harpenden Pink & Gold Nursery

One of my favourite parts of designing a new room is coming up with the colour palette and selecting which fabrics to use. The choice can be overwhelming (you’ll know if you’ve ever spent the day at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre) as there are so many options, we’re truly spoilt for choice. Having said that, when you work with them on a day to day basis, you get to know the brands and the collections well, and so it’s much easier to navigate yourself around.

I usually get a bit carried away and collect lots of lovely fabrics that will work well together in creating the overall feel that I am trying to achieve. This tends to mean that I have to cut back at the end and use just a select few on the actual project, but I’m sure it’s all an important part of the creative process. I know I’ve seen all the best options, and so can feel confident that what I am left with is the cream of the crop!

These two collections of fabrics (above and below) are for a bedroom design and living room design. I began with many more options than these for both ideas, but have managed to edit out the options that didn’t quite cut it. I usually look for a good balance of scale of pattern, texture and tone.

This week, I’ve been working on a bedroom design for a little girl. My client wanted the room to feel girly, but wanted to avoid the obvious option of sugary pink walls. So  instead, we’re going with a neutral grey/beige walls to work as a base, against which we’ll use bursts of pink and teal in the form of accessories & soft furnishings to add some fun and character to the room. To keep the room feeling light and fresh, and to create some contrast to the grey/beige walls, we’ll use white furniture, and add the odd accent of gold.

We’ve spent some time choosing practical furniture that provides essential storage for books and toys, but also that would add visually add something to the room. For example, we’ll be customising a seating bench that has storage baskets beneath for her toys, with an upholstered seat pad and cushions to sit on top. This not only provides a good opportunity too add some colour into the room, but also gives the furniture a dual purpose – a place to sit and read or play, as well as being a piece of storage.

We can’t wait to see the progress for this room, keep your eye on out updates to see the progress!

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂