Inspiring Artwork & Living Room Colour Palettes

This week we have once again been developing colour scheme for some new projects, including some bedrooms and living rooms. When building a scheme, there is very often one key piece used as a starting point, and can be anything from a piece of artwork, some fabric, or even an object such as a lamp or vase. One of the images we’ve been using this week for inspiration is this lovely print – it has got such a great range of textures and tones, and I love the painterly marks. Keep an eye out for developed scheme ideas.

Here’s another scheme we’ve been working on, a lovely calm, neutral palette, with a subtle hint on lime. We’ve used a variety of patterns of different scales, which prevents them from feeling to busy when put together. We’ve also added a range of textures; a painterly print on a linen ground, chunky embroidery, a printed velvet and a woven design. This helps create a well balanced design.

By contrast, we’ve also worked on the concept below. A much brighter and vibrant palette, we’ve kept it sophisticated by setting the brights against natural materials and colours, and carefully selected just the right amount colour, so that room doesn’t feel too brash. By combining some quite contemporary fabrics with some more traditional, the overall result is a timeless, comfortable look that won’t date, and that you won’t grow tired of quickly. The perfect way to add colour for those who would usually prefer to stick to neutrals.

We’ll be presenting some of these ideas to our clients in the next few weeks, so pop back to see how they develop.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!