The Warren

The Warren
Hertfordshire | Private Client
We designed this home for a young family, who had moved from their London town house into this 5 bedroom new build property in the Hertfordshire countryside. The rooms in the new home were much larger than the previous property and so we had to source all new furniture that would be more suitable for the scale of the rooms. This gave us a great opportunity to start afresh and create a home suitable for family life – and high on the list was practicality! When selecting fabrics and finishes we ensured we chose ones that were durable and easy to clean – a family home should be lived in and inevitably there will be sticky fingers with little ones around.
We used splashes of colour in all of the rooms, but for the more adult spaces, the formal living room and master bedroom, kept to a more subtle palette. With the tall ceiling heights, we could afford to go for some larger scale table lamps and selected some really lovely pieces for each of the rooms.