Spring Summer 2014 Interior Design Trends: Vivid Abstract Digital Prints

Lively colours and  bold definitive strokes are at the heart of this trend, with artists and designers using innovative printing techniques and vivid colour palettes to create a dramatic and modern look.

Artist Jessica Zoob creates abstract, expressive paintings, and together with Romo – Black Edition they have created these fabulous cushions, which is a simple way to inject this trend into your home. For a bold look, sit with other clashing vivid prints, or for a simpler nod to the trend, scatter with neutral cushions and throws.


‘Passion 5’ Cushion. Digital Print on 100% Linen. £80.00. Romo – Black Edition.

cushions-00‘Passion 4’ & ‘Celebration’ Cushion. Both Digital Print on 100% Linen. £80.00. Romo – Black Edition.

Wallpapering has become an increasingly popular option in recent years to add a splash of colour and pattern to a room. Casamance have taken it to the next step with these two wallpaper panels, featuring this incredibly vibrant, slightly trippy, abstract digital print. They’ve wisely designed this in a panel format rather than rolls, suggesting this isn’t designed to cover all walls in a room – I don’t think many rooms could take more than a hint of this print!


‘Emotion’ Wallpaper. £237.60 for 2 panels. Casamance.

Boeme’s Strata, a digitally printed cotton velvet, exudes warmth and luxury. Despite it’s vivid, abstract style, the painterly design sits very happily next to traditional pieces, and is a great example of how this trend doesn’t mean starting from scratch with a room, it can be injected with one or two key pieces.


‘Strata’ Magenta. Cotton Velvet. £105.00 per metre. Boeme.

Romo – Black Edition have two really strong prints in their latest collection of decorative weaves, ‘Astratto’. ‘Cromatico’, available in 3 colours is a contemporary abstract design with flashes of vibrant colour and soft diffused edges, digitally printed onto a fine linen ground. ‘Lumiere’ is a random spray dyed wide-width linen, with dramatic colour striations of bright shades with dark neutrals. This design works especially well made up as curtains – because the fabric undulates from the pleats in the curtain heading, the pattern in softened and broken up, as pictured below.


‘Cromatico’ in Violet. Linen. £65.00 per metre. ‘Lumiere’ in Magenta & Solent. Linen. £145 per metre. Both Romo – Black Edition.

romo-black-edition-lumiere-solent‘Lumiere’ in Solent. Linen. £145.00 per metre. Romo – Black Edition.

For the full impact of this trend, piece together a number of your favourite vivid, abstract digital prints. Don’t worry about clashing – be brave, it’s part of the look!