Workers Cottage Living Room Design

This charming 19th century worker’s cottage living room design needed some careful planning to make the most of the quirky layout. The L shape, being made up of two different sized parts made it less straight forward a task to dress than a normal square or rectangular room.

The slightly larger of the two areas, a space in front of a cast iron fireplace with a square bay traditional sash window was the obvious place to create the seating area. Wanting to keep the fireplace as the focal point, we designed bespoke cupboards to sit either side of the chimney breast wall, with shelving for books and ornaments above, and cupboards below, which would hide away the television when it was not in use. The sofa and arm chairs in soft, muted blues were completed with a variety of cushions in greys, creams and blues, in contrasting floral prints, woven stripes and patterns.

Because the second part of the L shape was narrower, without having a purpose it could easily have become just a roomy corridor. This area was in clear vision as you entered the room, so it was designed to give balance to the space with a key piece of furniture. A round wooden table placed centrally, adorned with a potted hydrangea and beautiful coffee table books completed with wooden chandelier hanging above.