Coral & Aqua Hallway Design, & What To Consider When Updating Your Stair Case

I’ve recently been working on a hallway design for one of my clients, and I’m really loving the coral, duck egg and grey colour palette. It’s really fresh and sunny, but a very muted and sophisticated way. Using grey as the main colour for the walls, we’ll add in the duck egg and coral through accessories, soft furnishing and lighting.

The hallway itself is quite a large space, so we have the luxury of furnishing it as a room and not just a corridor. This means we will have two seating areas, and several console tables, giving us plenty of opportunities to dress with cushions, lighting and decorative accessories.

Currently, the staircase is in a yellow oak, so this will need to be treated to bring it in line with the cool, grey, ashy tones of the rest of the room design. We’ve discussed different options of how to treat the stairs and are looking at painting part of the steps and banisters, and leaving other parts in their wooden state, but stained to the perfect grey shade. We’ll also be adding in a stair runner to add warmth, light and softness to the space.

Hallways are rooms that can often been ignored, but since they give the first impression to people coming in to your home, they are really worth spending the time on.  I can’t wait to see this hallway’s transformation.

Have a fantastic weekend all!