Editing Interior Photos & Sourcing The Perfect Faux Leather

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of our completed projects. It’s such an exciting time to see the designs all come together, and great fun making final tweaks to the dressing of the rooms to get them camera ready. The only aspect I don’t like about this stage of the process is that it usually means I’ve come to the end of working with a client, and we’ve usually had great fun working together!

Once we’ve taken all our shots, it’s then back to the studio to get editing.  This is quite a time consuming process, but well worth it. Once we’ve made our edits and selected the best of the photographs, they are then ready to be put up onto the site and shared with you.

This particular shoot is now live – have a look here to see our final edits!

This week we’ve been sourcing a faux leather/vinyl to use on an armchair to give it the wipe clean, practicality that it needs in a family kitchen. There is such a fantastic range available these days that we were spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for a smooth leather effect, more of a grain or even an ostrich texture, the choice is there. Because they are made of synthetic materials, they are incredibly durable, but many have a lovely soft, matt quality to them – there’s no need to have a shiny faux leather, unless of course that’s what you are after!

Have a fantastic weekend all!